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The Handicraft Revolution - Crafinno Artisan Hubs

Handicrafts are not products, they are emotions of the craftsmen transpired onto different mediums. Every single block printed on a fabric, every single stitch of embroidery, every single weave, every single carving, every single hand knot and so many of such master strokes by the craftsmen are the special moments the artisans share with the consumer.

abhineet (Founder, Crafinno)

The Brief

Crafinno has been working in the space of handicrafts for few years now. As a team we have very closely witnessed many beautiful moments but also some harsh realities. Doing our bit for the handicraft industry we have come up with the Artisan Hubs Network initiative. Addressing the real untouched issues of the Artisans which have an actual impact on their lives and crafts, is the need of the hour. For the same purpose setting up Artisan Hubs seemed to be the best solution we had at our hands. The initiative took planning of months and our ideas turned to reality with our first ever Artisan Hub For Block Printing in Sanganer, Rajasthan.

Pulpypapaya Artisan Hubs Network is an initiative to establish a network of Artisan Hubs set up and managed by Pulpypapaya in all craft hubs of the world

As we worked with more and more artisans in different parts of the world, we understood over a course of period that the problems of all the artisans around the globe are similar. Some of the core common problems we enlisted are as follows -

  • Dwindling Demand
  • Deficiency of working capital
  • Lowering Income
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Absence of contemporary design guidance
  • Inadequate payments
  • Exploitation by designers
  • Lack of market understanding

In the world of industrialization, we at Crafinno are bound to protect and flourish the handicraft industry and educate people about its unending list of benefits over the mechanised counterparts. For that we first need to address the problems of the craftsmen, the people behind the beautiful masterpieces. We shortlisted certain solutions to the problems of the artisans which could be solved by our team with the available resources.

  • Increasing demand for their handcrafted produce
  • Improving their standards of living
  • Providing them state of the art infrastructure
  • Getting them fare considerations
  • Making them elf independent
  • Improving their health
  • Structuring their savings and investments
  • Design education

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