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Q - Does Crafinno make the products or curate them from others?

A - Crafinno is a brand which handcrafts all the products with collaboration of a team of in house designers and artisans from around the globe. There is no curation of products from vendors.

Q - Does Crafinno deliver out of India?

A - We deliver across the globe with possibly no exception. All the products are shipped globally from India.

Q - Does Crafinno have brick and mortar stores?

A - Yes! We have two Flagship Retail Outlets. One in Indore and the other in Bangalore. You can have the details on our Store Locator Page here.

Q - Why are Crafinno products Eco-Friendly?

A - We at Crafinno are against all things synthetic. All our garments are made in natural fiber fabrics only like cotton, silk etc. All our home decor and furnishing products are again in natural materials like wood, metal etc. Therefore all the products at Crafinno are Eco-Friendly. We promote sustainable lifestyle and living.

Q - Are there any handicrafts from outside India on Crafinno?

A - Yes! Crafinno aims to bring global handicrafts under one roof in the long term. Starting off with Africa, we have African Wooden Masks on our website to buy online as well as in our Flagship Stores.

Q - What is Crafinno Artisan Hub Network?

A - Crafinno aims to establish an ecosystem which helps the artisans thrive and prosper. This will ensure their well being along with the growth of their crafts. For this we are developing Artisan Hubs at all the places where there are native crafts being practiced. Starting off with a Block Printing Artisan Hub in Sanganer, Rajasthan. You can read about our initiative in detail here.

Q - Is Crafinno an NGO?

A - No! CRafinnois a for profit business. We follow the ideology of uplifting the artisans by providing them ample business opportunities, timely and fair payments, skill development trainings, capital expenditure support, infrastructural support and much more rather than providing them short training programs just for the sake of it.

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