Soulfully Handcrafted

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Who We Are

Art elevates. Crafts inspire. Culture binds.

In the hustle-bustle of the artsy lands, amid all the symbols, heritage and pride, we became ardent lovers of everything that blends crafts
with modernity and creative genius.
Infusing unique design interventions, we reinvented these inspirations for the urban audiences in a beautiful assortment of handcrafted products.
All our creations are handmade from scratch, soaked in a whole lot of native-ness.
From apparels, accessories to home decor a-la-mode, we have a lot to offer for every corner of your home and every aspect of your life!
Plunge into the variety. Take an artsy dip. 

Our Story

Once upon a dawn,
Our love for handcrafts,
Took us to the little villages and quaint corners
To unearth what drives the arts
We handpicked crafts & adorned them on products for modern life,
To celebrate the 'now of then' and thus,
Soulcraf was born. 

 Every Soulcraf product is an experience of worth and value. A tangible expression that was once an imagination, an extension of a dream, a thought brewing in the mind of a virtuoso craftsman. While revealing the magic that can be conceived with hands, it will also connect you with the emotions that went into making it. What you will hold, what you will own, would be a story - a tale of devotion and dexterity. We bring to you The Finest from The Best.

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Commitment and dedication
to uphold the authenticity of the crafts lies at the core of our being.
We endeavor to add creative input, financial direction, and modern palatability to help the craftsmen and artisans receive their due and pass on their legacy.
Being artists-turned-creators, we value the authenticity of the crafts and sustain their form & soul on every creation.
Through ground level tie-ups with over 75 artisans, we work closely with the masters and do away with the intermediaries, thereby fostering greater trust & transparency in outcomes.  


Live the glorious art tales in your everyday, unconventionally.
There is a certain magic in each culture and every country. Timeless crafts that are nurtured over generations with earnestness and care. A subtle beauty that hides beneath the mundane.
We make these sustainable marvels accessible for the modern markets. As designers, art comes natural to us; as makers, we create value.
We have our eyes set on becoming the one-stop, choicest space for handcrafted offerings from around the world.
This is how we live up to our promise of
'Giving Craft its rightful place'. 

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