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About Crafinno the best handicraft startup in India

Crafting beautiful contemporary products with artisans from various parts of the world and delivering them to the doorsteps of the consumers is what we do. We bridge the gap between the rich traditional craft techniques and the evolving needs of modern consumer.

Crafinno is a startup founded by Abhineet Agrawal in April 2019 from Indore (India).


After working with the artisans from different states closely, Abhineet realised that the major challenges of handicraft industry have been wrongly analysed and communicated for decades. Most of the brands and designers have always portrayed buying their exorbitantly priced handcrafted products as a help to the artisans and their welfare. This has been communicated so consistently that now buying a handicraft has been associated with sympathy for the Artisans.

But this kind of perception of buyers will never provide the artisans with long term business and their generations are therefore not carrying forward the crafts in most of the places.


The best way for sustaining and growing these crafts is to increase their acceptability and subsequently increased demand to make it lucrative for the artisans to pursue the crafts.


Now coming down to lower demand, the most important reason for it is the monotony of designs and the low accessibility. In the current scenario it is very difficult to find and buy authentic crafts. Also the designs and functionality are mostly outdated which keeps it out of the focus of the modern young consumers.

There have been so many negative thoughts associated now with the handicraft industry that it is not growing. Sympathy for artisans, dying crafts and what not.Why can’t there be global brands of handcrafted products? Why only clusters, NGOs and expensive designers? Why can’t mainstream products be made using these rich reservoir of craft techniques?


With all these problems and questions, there is a whole new horizon for this industry waiting to be achieved. With this mission, Crafinno has been established.

Bridging the gap between the offerings of the Artisans and the needs of the evolved modern consumer is at the core of everything we do.

Increasing the otherwise dwindling demand for artisanal products and thereby increasing the employment and income in this industry is what we strive to achieve. We are not here to just sell handcrafted products but be one of the frontrunners in the revival and disruption of the handicraft industry.

Crafinno aims to develop best quality contemporary products made in the rich handicraft techniques from around the globe.


Providing state of the art facilities to the artisans with design and technology aid has been our first step towards the development of this brand.

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