Which is better? Cotton Bean Bag Cover or PU Leather Bean Bag Cover

Bean Bags are known for their extreme comfort which suit all age groups from toddlers to kids to adults. There were times when everyone brought and wanted the finest furniture in their homes. But no sooner this changed to buying comfortable furniture first with the finest look as a bonus. This also changed because of a plethora of cheaper duplicate furniture products in the market.

Preferences changed completely to modern furnishing and bean bags became a huge success and a never fading trend. Bean bags are seen in almost every home, office, restaurant & café. Bean bags are known to easily fit in any corner of the room occupying almost no space and giving the quirky chic look to the room.

The Bean Bags have cozy vibes that push us all to just relax on them after a long hard day. Bean Bags can be made in a variety of high strength materials like Pure Leather, PU leather, Cotton Canvas, Nylon, Denims and many more. But currently we see that Bean Bag covers are generally made in artificial PU leather, or Polyurethane leather.

The major reason being the low cost of PU Leather. Genuine leather being super expensive has been liked by a few. Also, fairly sourced genuine leather is rare to see being used by manufacturers globally. In the ocean of cheap but environmentally hazardous PU Leather Bean Bag Covers, few brands like Soulcraf are providing Eco Friendly Pure Cotton Bean Bag Covers Online Worldwide. There is a lot of comparison and debate on the internet when it comes to buying between a Cotton bean bag versus a PU leather bean bag.

Let us throw some light on the debate to show you how Pure Cotton Bean Bag covers are the clear winners crushing the competition brutally. What you fill inside the bean bag cover is not discussed here as it does not change with the choice of material of the Bean Bag Cover.

Pure Cotton Bean Bag Covers 

Completely Eco Friendly
- Cotton is the oldest fibre used by various civilizations. It is completely natural and biodegradable. It decomposes completely unlike PU Leather which in simple terms is just another form of plastic. So you save nature when you choose a Cotton Bean Bag cover over a PU Leather Bean Bag Cover

Good to Skin - Cotton is a breathable natural fabric and thus cotton bean bag covers breath well and are gentle to the skin. So, no rashes on the skin.

Non Sticky Non Slippery - Cotton being a natural fiber absorbs all the sweat. Pure Cotton Bean Bag Covers are therefore non sticky and non slippery unlike PU Leather Bean Bag Covers.

Sturdy Form - As the cotton used for making Bean Bag Covers has a tight weave, it resists the bean bag from loosening unlike PU leather Bean Bag Covers. Therefore Cotton Bean Bag Covers look much more beautiful and are much more comfortable to sit.

Cozy - Cotton being natural fibre feels cozy and warm as compared to the feeling of lying on plastic on a PU leather Bean Bag cover.

bean bag vs pu leather bean bag

Heat Proof - Cotton Bean Bag Covers are heat resistant and therefore ideal for use in balconies or outdoor as they do not heat up Unlike PU leather bean bag covers.

Richness - Any natural Fibre looks much richer and plush as compared to the synthetic cheap materials like PU Leather or nylon.

Quirky and Lively - Pure Cotton Bean Bag Covers offer a variety of colors and prints to choose from unlike the monotonous blacks and browns and limited boring prints in PU Leather Bean Bag Covers.

Durable - Cotton is highly durable and long lasting fabric. Adding a thick weave to it makes it practically last forever. To make it more relatable to you, luxury tents are made in the same fabric. Cotton does not chip off unlike PU Leather and is completely washable. All materials are prone to cuts with sharp objects but Cotton has much more resilience to cuts as compared to other materials.

PU Leather Bean Bag Covers

Hazardous to Nature
- PU leather bean bag covers are made of Polyurethane leather which makes it non-eco friendly. PU leather is just another form of plastic and therefore it can not be decomposed and reusable.

Heats Up - Unlike cotton bean bags, PU leather bean bags absorb much heat which makes them impossible to use in hot weathers and outdoors unlike Cotton Bean Bags.

bean bag vs pu leather bean bag

Sticky and Slippery - As Faux Leather is non porous and artificial material, the PU Leather bean bags are sticky and slippery, which makes it uncomfortable to sit on for longer durations specially in hot weathers.

Short Life - Leatherette Bean Bag COvers are prone to chipping off thus exposing the inner net. All varieties of Faux Leather chip off sooner or later. Thus Faux Leather Bean Bag Covers have a very short life span.

A pure cotton bean bag cover is breathable, affordable and more comfortable than PU leather bean bag to put it precisely. Be sure of what you are looking for and what you really want to choose before making a purchase and decide to bring the best bean bag at your place. It is the best choice to promote and have a sustainable lifestyle, by this you not only care for yourself but also the environment.

Encouraging to save nature by making little changes to your life can create a great impact. Care for your skin, yourself and the environment and liven up your decor by choosing Pure cotton bean bag covers over PU Leather bean bag covers.

Soulcraf Bean Bags are known for its premium quality and comfort. Our pure cotton bean bag covers are 100% Eco Friendly and biodegradable. These comfortable bean bags are easily washable and refillable. Checkout our website for cotton bean bag covers available in all comfortable sizes from kids to adults for them to relax in.